The following two videos describe what is meant by the term netiquette and what constitutes acceptable online behaviours. Take a few minutes to watch these videos.

A good practice is to watch a video once, paying attention to the concepts and principles described, then watch it again with paper and pencil in hand, pausing the video to reflect and make thoughtful notes.

A few more things:

  • Be sure that whenever you post something to an online discussion — these are used in some of your courses — that each posting adds value and extends the discussion. Responses like I agree with everything that you say or nice post do not add value and waste the time of the many other people that subscribe to the online discussion.
  • Do not use LOL, TTFN, BRB, ROTFL, IDK, etc. or slang in your work — communicate in proper English sentences! Be professional in your educational and business writing and align with netiquette.
  • Finally, here is a challenge for you. Below are two infographics. Take some time now to define netiquette based on your learning from the videos and from these two infographics.

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