Developing Robotics Skills for 2022 FRC Season

A few days ago, I read a post that another team was developing skills to build a telescoping climber. I find this interesting because we too have been developing a telescoping climber. (I’ll add pictures to this post later…) We are using three tubes, two PCV of larger diameter and...Read more

Broken Wheel Award

Many of the robotics team members have graduated so this is a rebuilding year for our team — for many other teams too! Regrettably, the STEMley Cup competition is again cancelled (would have been November, 2021). So, our focus shifts to the 2022 season, we do want to engage team...Read more

Robotics for 2021-2022

I look forward to the upcoming academic year teaching Grade 9 and a Grade 11 Robotics courses and with the anticipated return to First Robotics (FRC) competitions. There is much for the team to do both before the kit-and-kickoff on January 8, 2022 and after. I long ago realized that...Read more

You would have been 36 today…

Nichole, we all miss you. You left us too soon. I wish you had reached out more so we could help with your internal struggles. When I read this, I am reminded of you. When I die Give what’s left of me away To children And old men that wait...Read more