Not so photogenic, but here I am…

Starting in August 2018, I teach at the Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM Academy in Brantford. The Ontario curriculum courses I teach/taught are mathematics (MFM1D, MFM2D, MBF3C and MCR3U), computer science (ICS3U and ICS4U) and Robotics¹ (TIJ1O and IDC3O).

About a week after being hired, I was asked by the school principal to lead the school’s robotics initiative. Though I knew a little bit about robotics competitions, this was something very new to me and I welcomed a challenge in my zone of proximal development. FirstRobotics is facilitated by a network of mentors, in our case a veteran team from Hamilton’s St. Mary Catholic Secondary School’s MakeShift (FRC4039) was (and continues to be) particularly helpful and, more recently, from another veteran team from Hamilton’s Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School’s Celt-X Robotics (FRC 5406).

I expect to learn a lot from my students this year! This is a growth year where an important focus for the team (and the robotics course).plan is to build greater capacity to design, prototype and fabricate parts whether conventional or automated tools — AutoCAD with 3D printer or CNC router — are used.

Learn more about what I’m doing. I’ll be posting frequent instructional design, leadership and technical tips², personal thoughts and reflections on teaching and learning here. You can easily search content using the search tool or by title, month, category or by clicking on keywords in the tag-cloud. Feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed³.

¹ a locally-developed interdisciplinary robotics course, Interdisciplinary Studies, IDC3O; the first cohort started in February 2020. The first cohort of TIJ1O starts in September 2020.
² chiefly related to BrightSpace, Moodle, Microsoft Office or Google applications, and FirstRobotics.
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