A number of years ago, while a student in Central Michigan University’s MA program, the prof entered the classroom on day one apologizing profusely. We checked the time on the wall clock, double checked on wristwatches and on cell phones. No, she was not late so what was it? She continued with: “We elected George W. to the White House!

A year or so later, and at the start of a more senior course she did the same, but instead added: “Not only did we elect George W. to the White House, we re-elected him!

She was American so we, as good-natured Canadians, accepted the humour. In  hindsight though, we realized that decisions made by the keeper of the nuclear codes and de facto leader of the free world affect everyone everywhere. This is particularly significant now, in 2020.

The current occupant of the White House makes George W. look like a Churchillian statesman. My sincere hope and expectation is that our American neighbours and friends do the right thing on Tuesday, November 3 — earlier if mail-in voting is not tampered with. I fervently hope and pray that the CMU prof won’t ever have to apologize to Canadians: “Not only did we elect Donald J. to the White House, we re-elected him!

Daniel Dale, formerly of the Toronto Star and now CNN fact checker continues to log (now thousands of) falsehoods and statements unsubstantiated with credible evidence. I really wonder who they are when Donald J. prefixes yet another fallacy with they say … He personally encourages false therapies for Covid-19 while downplaying precautions and Covid-19 controls at the cost of more than 183,000 American lives. He manufactures crises which he then solves with glee, always blaming (mostly non-Republican) others.

Frankly, it surprises me that the Republican elite have not dumped Donald J. as their presidential choice. Do they not see that a leader relying on nepotism and cronies (many of whom stand convicted) is not a prudent strategy? Are Republicans so determined to self-destruct their party as to continue blind allegiance to Donald J.? Are they so afraid of the inevitable verbal assault via Twitter tirade or less-than-honourable mention on Fox News?

Where are the technology company leaders — the ones who cannot distinguish freedom of speech from promulgating falsehoods and misinformation? Why do Canadian cable companies still include Fox News, ostensibly a news channel?

I hope that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, keeps the Canada-US border closed — Let’s continue to keep Covid-19 — and the silly behaviours that permit the continued spread of the pandemic — out of Ontario and Canada.

As a teacher, I’ll have the privilege of welcoming students back to school on Tuesday, September 8 Monday September 21. I feel safe and regret that teachers in the US do not.

As the late Dr. Woody Flowers, Professor Emeritus of MIT and one of the main supporters of the First Robotics program and gracious professionalism said: “Anti-science is pro-stupid!” He is an American. We need more scientists like Woody Flowers, scientists and thought leaders that have the spine to: (a) stand up to political pressures; (b) do the right thing; (c) do things right; and (d) do things ethically whilst leaving the world in a better state for our children and future generations.

I implore our American neighbours and friends to do the right thing — in 62 days or so….

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